Sunday, October 24, 2010


Back from camp and it was such fun. We talked, ate and stitched! Vicki invited me along and while I didn't know anyone else it didn't matter, all were so lovely and as I arrived the night before Vicki they all welcomed me and I felt as if I had known everyone for ages. I love my swap from Pauline, the stitching is superb.

Pauline made this and I was so lucky to get it in the swap

Mine is bigger than yours!

Meridith spent all weekend hand quilting, isn't it magnificent?

hmmm whose feet are these

Well I didn't get much done this week end :) but who would expect Ted to sew?

Yes I did venture outside at least once
Hope we all can go again next year, Hagley Farm School is a lovely spot and the accomodation was great. I also met Cathy who is going to be working with me next year. Thanks to Sarah and Cathy for organising everything.

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  1. It was a fun weekend I had such a good time and I love my gift that you made me. I do hope that you will come again.


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