Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Did someone mention online shopping....

Yes well I bought these a couple of weeks ago, not my fault!! My daughter who is an Etsy fan sent me the link and I couldn't resist. Well who could!

How could I possibly use these!

I just like looking at them

Little angel

These birds are sooooo gorgeous
This is on the site "Handmade buttons made just for you. My handmade resin buttons can be customized to meet your needs. My ceramic, glass and artisan buttons are unique, collectible and add a one of a kind touch to your handmade creations!"
 Thank you Robin from
buttonsbyrobin! Now I have tempted you all *evil laugh*
Couldn't resist snapping this pot of fresias, totally neglected in my garden but flowering and looking beautiful so promoted from the back fence to the deck!


  1. those buttons are just gorgeous, just had to pop over to that etsy shop. Some amazing buttons. Help!

  2. Hee! There's plenty more where that came from!


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