Saturday, January 14, 2012

Busy fingers

Last night I finished off the final four iPod pouches.

 I had fun adding a bit of bling

 This button I found in my button bag but have no idea where or when I picked it up! Mind you I did find a bag of zips the other day when looking for something else.

Just love the backs of the pouches. I managed to get the Eiffel Tower right in the middle of this one but not so well placed in the next one (only one left on the material I had and it was close to the edge).

 Then I got started on the next project and have finished off three Japanese Kimono Style Wallets. Once I got my head around the pattern they were easy but had to leave it last night because it was causing serious problems to my brain...

 The morning light brought even greater light and here they are, love them!

One is now in my bathroom with bits and pieces in it, one is wrapped up for my s-i-l birthday and one is waiting till next week to find a good home.

Not that I am counting BUT I think I have finished 10 11 (I forgot my thread bin that Vicki shwed me how to make last weekend! photo below) things I have started already this year...a miracle. I have been doing other things this week too but more of them later.

 As you can see the thread bin is being well used! Just one more photo of them all together!


  1. well done!! the ipod pouches look just gorgeous, loving the bling and the kimono wallets. Talk about on a roll.

  2. They look devine and love the placement of the Eiffel Tower. The Japanese bags are exquisite. So many things so quickly made, can't imagine what the count will be by December!

  3. Wow you are on a roll all those finishes and it is only jan you go girl.


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