Sunday, February 05, 2012

MPAY - Green

Vic over at Punky & me has started up her little meme game again. I have been meaning to do this all week!

First of all is my favourite glass and mineral water bottle. The glass is one given to me by my aunt, she married my uncle before the 2nd World War - he didn't return but she remained faithful all her life and stayed in Tassie with his family.

The glass is very beautifully etched with a green stem.

Next are the chairs that I inherited from my mother, they were purchased in the same year I was born so are VERY old.... and as you can see in need of repair, this is the original 1949 fabric (lol hidden the year).

 So normally they are covered up with a variety of rugs and quilts. I have put a couple of green cushions on them too.

 One of the chairs has this cushion that I made a very long time ago.

Once upon a time I thought blue was my favourite colour but when I started making quilts I kept being drawn to the green fabrics. This is my very first quilt, sashing now very faded and the material has torn in a couple of places, this quilt also sits on one of my mother's chairs... 

 Here is a very small part of my green 'stash'!

 Every where I go I seem to collect green, I bought this lovely mirror in China on my first trip.

Then this lovely girl on my second trip - you would have thought I would know better but was conned into visiting the gallery where these were, while wandering around Tiananmen Square.

I was really quite amazed when I started wandering around my place looking for green!


  1. Lovely photos Lib.

  2. Lovely green treasures with such beautiful memories to go with them.

  3. Very nice, but that does make you a greenie in the patchwork sense of course!!!


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