Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Just in time

It was my brother's (MBBIM) birthday yesterday - I couldn't put these photos up because I posted the parcel and wasn't sure if he had received it!

I made him a little case to hold some of his compact flash cards and actually finished it on time to reach him for his birthday. I am sure it won't be big enough but I had fun making it and I love the material - bought when visiting him a couple of years ago at the Melbourne Craft Fair - you see there will always be a use for that little stash hidden away in the cupboard.

Inside there are individual pockets for 6 cards.

The whole thing is closed with a little velcro strap.

 I just love the card, I wish I could say I made it but I picked it up at a village fair in the Hunter Valley last time I was there. The material is just cut out any old way and stuck on the card but all the cards just look superb.

Happy birthday Richie!


  1. what a nifty idea!

  2. Hi Lib..that is so cool..i really like that is a bit cute isnt it?

  3. Anonymous8:28 pm

    And ybbim should also say thanks. Enjoying the snow at Mt Baw Baw - had a good drop overnight and today and with sun promised for tomorrow, it should be a great day.

    1. Far too cold! I hope you organise better weather in Melbourne when I come over :)


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