Sunday, June 30, 2013

Craft fair

On Friday I went out to the Craft Fair at the Derwent Entertainment Centre with my friend Marie.  We had a lovely time wandering around and going to a few workshops.
It was great to see a couple of my favorite suppliers there including Bebe Bold and Patchwork Mariko.
I managed to buy a few of sewing projects. Just love the shashiko stars and Christmas banner. Bought other things but they might be surprises, so better not show them just yet!
Looking forward to doing some shashiko stitching!
I bought myself a few more toys as well :-)
Excited to see this cutter so that I can make day. Love my new rulers too!
How about this little baby, used it for the first time tonight, love it!
I must take some photos of some of the things I have been doing over the last few weeks, finally got my new phone so will have to round up everything and have a photo shoot lol.

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  1. Good purchases Lib, I bought a new A1 cutting mat and a new rotary cutter plus plenty of scrapping supplies and only 4 Fq's.


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