Saturday, February 08, 2014

Reporting back

Well I decided to make a fat quarter bag last night as my FNWF project. The pattern was a free download and I really had no concept as to how this would turn out and still not sure as I didn't get it finished.  Looks like another sewing night coming up. 

6 fat quarters needed, this bag is going to be huge!  All laid out ready to sew. 

A few scraps left,  hmm bin or keep........

And this is as far as I got (sorry not a very good photo but getting late! ), the lining attached and now ironing ready to do the top stitching.  I will need to come back to show you the finished bag. 


  1. lovely fabrics, hope you get some sewing time to finish it off!

  2. Anonymous5:15 pm

    looks like it will be huge, too good to be a laundry bag, what else could it be used for, the imagination runs wild.... Sue


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