Sunday, January 06, 2008

Home again, home again

This morning was very busy. First Dylan, Nicole and I took down the Christmas tree (and I forgot to take a photo of it) then Nicole and I staked out some trees while Clint put the fittings on the pond ready for the fountain. We all heaved and puffed and huffed and fountain was finally in place. Very muggy day, everytime you move you break out in perpiration.

Quick shower then off to Rebel Sport to look at gym equipment then to the airport. Good flight home but the luggage took 20 minutes to be delivered at the Hobart end, thought they must have lost it all.


  1. Obviously no water restrictions in Broke - all the fountains in Melbourne have been turned off and drained!

  2. Water used in the fountain and all over the garden is bore water. Pool is filled with bore water. Very good supply and apart from an excess in calcium the water is good.

  3. So it's good for your bones then!


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