Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Modern Arbor

What has happened to my view (let alone the danger with power lines disappearing into the trees)!

 My house even disappeared!

 But then Stuart from Modern Arbor came to the rescue. First he ground out all the stumps from some bushes I had removed from the other side of the drive.

 Then disappeared into the shrubbery

 All the branches went into this amazing machine! Stuart had all the safety gear, orange hats out on the road, warning sign on the footpath as well as his personal safety gear.

 Can you believe this fantastic mulcher, I want one lol

 Yay a view again - and this photo was taken on the drive, not even the balcony

 Oh and there is the house (looking special in its new paint!

 AND a big pile of mulch for me to use on the garden.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

It can be done!

I {very stupidly} left my cutting mat in my car when I went to the workshop at Latrobe earlier this year. It was ruined, so warped it was impossible to cut out on. I was so upset but determined to 'make it better'.

So after two days out in the sun for a while then covered and pot plants added and a week in the sunroom in a similar position...

I know have a fantastic flat cutting mat...yipppeeee 

Friday, January 20, 2012

Last one, I promise!

Guess what these pieces are for?

Yes, I just had to make another phone pouch for a friend whose phone is teeny tiny. So I raided my stash of Japanese cottons and made JUST one more. Can you make out the tiny dragonflies?

The button I purchased from a little button shop in The Rocks in Sydney, I knew it would come in handy for something, almost a perfect match!

P.S. Here is the shop

Love the material on the back as well, hope Sue will be happy with it J I know she reads my blog but as she chose the material, I don't think it is a secret LOL

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Miss T is off to school

My good friend's grand daughter is off to Kinder this year so I thought I would make her a library bag for all those little reading books she will be bringing home.

I found the pattern first when browsing and thought *bing* what a great idea. The pattern is by Kristyne Czepuryk and is available on the Lecien website.

 The material is Home to Roost by Heather DuPont (In The Beginning fabric). Isn't this one cute peeping through the O!

Monday, January 16, 2012

How cute is this?

I went out for breakfast yesterday with some friends and of course once you are out you need to go shopping as well.

I found these very cute bird bud vases in Habitat and just had to snap them up. As soon as I got home I was in the garden finding some lovely minature roses (Magic Carousel) to put in them.


 Tonight is very hot in Hobart and I just didn't have the energy to stitch. So what did I do instead? Cleaned out my pantry cupboard. Here is one of the shelves, don't you just love the wallpaper I put there in the 70s!

Now everything is neatly in new containers that I also bought yesterday. I did get a bit excited when they rang up as $1 but sadly that was an error and they were $10 - but that was for 7 different sized containers, you have to be happy with that!

While I was out in the garden I noticed the cactus flowering so beautifully, I never water these, they survive on rain water but they look so pretty (and Christmassy) when they flower.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Busy fingers

Last night I finished off the final four iPod pouches.

 I had fun adding a bit of bling

 This button I found in my button bag but have no idea where or when I picked it up! Mind you I did find a bag of zips the other day when looking for something else.

Just love the backs of the pouches. I managed to get the Eiffel Tower right in the middle of this one but not so well placed in the next one (only one left on the material I had and it was close to the edge).

 Then I got started on the next project and have finished off three Japanese Kimono Style Wallets. Once I got my head around the pattern they were easy but had to leave it last night because it was causing serious problems to my brain...

 The morning light brought even greater light and here they are, love them!

One is now in my bathroom with bits and pieces in it, one is wrapped up for my s-i-l birthday and one is waiting till next week to find a good home.

Not that I am counting BUT I think I have finished 10 11 (I forgot my thread bin that Vicki shwed me how to make last weekend! photo below) things I have started already this year...a miracle. I have been doing other things this week too but more of them later.

 As you can see the thread bin is being well used! Just one more photo of them all together!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Diversion ahead!

Saved today from making any more iPod pouches by the arrival of a little package from Patchwork Mariko Japan (*whisper* - I do have a request for a smaller pouch so maybe just one more....)

The package was beautifully enclosed in a bag with lovely Bambies all around the edge and tied with a piece of Japanese fabric.

Here are the kits I bought so fun coming
 up!!! Luckily I had the foresight to buy lots of spring clips from Sarah so maybe these will spawn as well!!! 

I have been invited out for dinner tonight *haver* should I go or should I sew lol (no competition really).

Happy birthday, Rodney.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Help!! I'm addicted

4 more iPod cases made last night, only the buttons to find and add........then to find some good homes. One is slightly wider to accomodate a Blackberry.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Burnie and back

Just dropped in to share some photos of my weekend away. Set our very early from home on Friday to go to the Cherry Shed at Latrobe for a day of sewing.

 All the ladies wondering what to have for lunch. The Cherry Shed has a marvellous room upstairs for get togethers and then you just wander down when ready for lunch.

Sarah concentrating! We all took some projects to do, and I think we all worked hard!

Judy, Vicki and Kristy hard at work. Kristy came up with me in the car and it was great to have the company.

Christine, Peg and Roseanne sharing a joke but still stitching away. Christine brought her first finish for the year, which by chance is a quilt I have just bought the material for. It was good to see it all finished, pop over to her blog to have a look but don't hold your breathe to see mine :)

Christine focused on her cutting out! Not like me later in the day, not too many mistakes though!

A reward for a hard day's work.

I can recommend the ice cream at the Cherry Shed!

Then on to Burnie to spend the weekend with Vicki and Glenn.

Saturday Vicki and I wandered over to Ulverstone to go to Cranberry Crafts (lovely shop, well worth a visit!) and what should I hear but bagpipes, funny thing I keep running into them. http://libfromtassie.blogspot.com/2011/11/yesterday.html

Then it was back to Vicki's where she cracked the whip and made me work HARD. Lucky Glenn was there to keep supplying us with coffees!

Of course the good news is that now I have a few finishes already for 2012!!

3 mobile phone covers and 1 thread bin. whooo hooo.

 One little phone cover hiding until it reaches its destination! I will put some more photos up later. I just love the buttons, scrounged from Vicki's button bags.

P.S forgot to say the iPhone/iPod cases came from Janelle Wind's new book Pieces of Me, hop over to Sarah's shop if you want a copy.

 My thread bin, so quick and easy to make

Then Vicki made this little USB purse for me, no more lost in the bottom of my handbag!

Thanks Vicki and Glenn for your hospitality, I had a great, fun time with lots of laughs.
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