Saturday, June 23, 2012

You have to start somewhere....

or Life's ups and downs.

I wasn't sure what the title of this post should be. This week has been a bit of the ups and downs. I returned home from holiday and had scheduled a plumber to come and look at the flooding problem in my garage. I knew it came from the toilet and imagined the whole yard dug up and $$ flashed in front of my eyes (down) then all that needed to be done was for a new valve to be put in the cistern (definitely UP).

I then checked my credit card online only to find it had been fraudulently used (down) luckily only one payment had been charged to me but I still don't know what is happening with that. I am so careful with it too, I never use it online.

Next I discovered a blood clot in my leg and now have to have an injection each day for the next fortnight.

So the title really needed to focus on the good I think...

I started sewing again last night..looked through all my unfinished 'stuff' and found some stitcheries I had traced from patterns by Lesley Boost over at Sew Happy Me

one piece had already been finished:

one piece was half done - so now finished:

 And started on the third! Only 3 more to go!

I have also washed and ironed all the fabric for a new quilt...more on that much later I guess!

No more procrastinating off for my injection *sigh*

Friday, June 22, 2012

Home again

It is lovely to be home, fantastic holiday but home is always where the heart is.

My holiday seemed to go so quickly but what a lot I did and saw. I will try and get some photos up in the next week or so as I sort through them all, why did I take so many!!

Tasmania greeted me with the most perfect day on Monday - clear blue skies; the days in winter that you are so pleased to see as it makes it a bit easier to cope with the cold. The weather the last week in Prague prepared me a bit, not the best summer weather but I console myself with the thought that the shortest day has passed and the countdown to Spring is on!

The garden also greeted me with a cheerful face. Look at these beautiful tree dahlias against the blue sky, and to think I was tempted to dig them out! Now about 8' tall and a mass of flowers.

Another cheerful shrub blooming prolifically and positively shining in the sun. Can't remember the name (I struck it from a piece from my brother's garden) but it is a mass of flowers at the moment.

Must get my sewing out, almost forgotten how to after  a month away!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scenes from Prague

Just a few of my favourite photos from Prague. Nearly go home time when I will be able to post some more. I have loved being here and have walked all over Prague ....... more than once

For Roseanne

My blogger friend. Roseanne, must have been very busy. I went to Cesky Krumlov yesterday and saw some scarves. I recognise those!!! Roseanne sure gets around!

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Happy birthdays from Prague

Happy birthday today for Rob and Dave. Their birthday is over in Australia but still the 9th here so we are not tooo late. Did have a picture to add but looks like it is blocked at this hotel. Will try again later...
I thought the ticking of time very appropriate. This is the Astronomical Clock in Prague.

Monday, June 04, 2012

The Allies secret weapon

Born two days before D Day, we celebrated Marie's nnth birthday and what fun we had and with what fantastic company!
First of all dinner in the exclusive Erlebnis Restaurant with Catalin and his superb team along with some great friends we have made on this trip. What a night, birthday cake and all.
Well two cakes, if you count the marvellous towel creation on Marie's bed,
more of towel creations in later blog, just can't have you miss the photos of those special little items.
Then off we went with our trusty penguin torch (thanks May) to find the wine tasting that was somewhere in Durnstein, ably guided by Michelle and her map given to her by Peter, our tour manager {well we were having too much fun to leave the dining room)(we did find it AND the way back to the boat in time for departure to...........VIENNA, whooo hooo!)
We really had a fun night, best birthday!! thanks to everyone!!
This last composition is of a few more moments during dinner, including an impromptu dance by Catalin and Michelle.

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