Friday, October 29, 2010

The things you do!

To think I pull these out as if they are weeds! A friend and I went to Habitat's Christmas sale tonight (ymmy champagne and nibbles!!!) and in Wellington Court there was massed display of the most beautiful aquilegias. I too could have had this in my garden J Oh well! Did I mention the bargains I bought, hmmm well they need to be kept a secret till Christmas.

My aquilegias - Granny's Bonnets, the massed display was just so much nicer.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Stripey Trousers

This evening I attended the launch of Anna's new book at the Hobart Book Shop. The book has been a while in the writing but finally finished and published. Very different to her other book An Australian Republic, written with Greg Barnes.

My copy of The Stripey Trousers

Anna was kept busy signing copies, I think supplies ran out!

They can't be the stripey trousers, can they?
Plenty of family support

And the gang were (almost) all there
Browsing before the launch

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I wandered around the garden after coming home from camp and everything is blooming, the plants are responding so well to a little bit of weeding - well OK they were smothered!
My wisteria is the best it has ever been!

This orchid was given to me by a good friend - 2 spikes this year!

Banksia rose clipped to the bone but still flowering

Double white Banksia rose

Clematis climbing the fence

Isopogon - Candy Cones - new this year and I love it!

I struck this one - it is growing well and looks so good

Don't know what this is - bought it at a fair a couple of years ago...
Just Joey - my first bloomer this year

Dug out, cut back but this creeper is still blooming

No there aren't any weeds here, poor miniature lavender it is all overgrown... 

Couldn't believe my rhodohypoxis were already flowering!
Must put some more camp photos up!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


Back from camp and it was such fun. We talked, ate and stitched! Vicki invited me along and while I didn't know anyone else it didn't matter, all were so lovely and as I arrived the night before Vicki they all welcomed me and I felt as if I had known everyone for ages. I love my swap from Pauline, the stitching is superb.

Pauline made this and I was so lucky to get it in the swap

Mine is bigger than yours!

Meridith spent all weekend hand quilting, isn't it magnificent?

hmmm whose feet are these

Well I didn't get much done this week end :) but who would expect Ted to sew?

Yes I did venture outside at least once
Hope we all can go again next year, Hagley Farm School is a lovely spot and the accomodation was great. I also met Cathy who is going to be working with me next year. Thanks to Sarah and Cathy for organising everything.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Royal dresses

M and I had a big sewing day today but that's not all!

We decided to have a break after lunch and went over to the Barn at Rosny to have a look at the Bonsai display. Loved the plants they were fantastic, so beautiful but I decided I would resist as I know coming home with me would not be good for them lol.

We went over to the Masonic Hall to look at what we thought was a textile display and found a dealers' market but enjoyable any way. The display frocks were gorgeous, it is nice to know that Queen Vic was fatter than me. The good on sale were lovely too, some amazing stitching.

Bag I made for J's birthday

One of the display gowns

You can imagine someone slaving over this for days and days

What better view could you have while cutting out! Even with rain on the window.

M's dyed, printed, embroidered material - a bag coming up!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Sewing busy busy

I have been very busy sewing - even while I was watching Collingwood win the Premiership. Good old Collingwood yay! Burnie High are having a big weekend and I promised Vicki I would make some goodies for her. We have a Campus meeting at Campbell Town tomorrow so I will take them with me to give to her.

Here they are! Fun making them too

Love the little cat button I 'found' in my cupboard

A few pencil cases
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