Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hot Saturday

I know that is a strange title for Wednesday but I have been so flat out on the computer at work that I have neglected turning it on at home!

Saturday was about 39C here in Tassie, a little hot for us but I ventured out to the Quilted Crow girls Daley Demo Day for English paper piecing.

I came away with this little beauty. Now what will I do with it! I think I will be able to find a use! Thanks for a lovely morning and scrummy morning tea.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

MPAY: My favourite cup(s)

Deb at Works in Progress is taking over the MPAY meme. This week we ae having a cuppa and getting to know each other. Pop over and visit with Deb.

The first three cups belonged to my mother, I just display them, haven't used them at all. They were given to her for a special reason, can you guess. I will give you a hint: it had something to do with her name.....

This is the mug I use all the time, just love the chooks and the looooong legs.

My special Christmas mug.

This mug is one of a few I have of The Gardens table series by Maxwell and Williams. The flower designs are just beautiful.

If you didn't guess my mother's name was Violet!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

MPAY: On the wall

I have been meaning to get these last posts up for Vic's  (over at Punky and Me but not for much longer) last MPAY

The first two are on the bathroom wall, I bought the ducks when in Sydney with my daughter a few years ago and the fairy tile is one she gave me more than a few years ago!

These are some lovely hand-coloured prints (sadly torn out of old books) that Nicole and Clint brought back for me from Paris.

This photo was taken by my brother - my mother and a friend coming out of the church, I love it so much I even accepted this photocopy to put on my wall.

Another photo taken by my brother of my beautiful daughter on her wedding day. 

Some cross stitches I did a looong time ago.

Photos I took on my first trip to China.

This painting was done for me by a very talented young friend - it is somewhere in Tasmania but I my memory is fading and I can't remember where. 

This cross stitch was done by me for my dear Mum, now hanging on my kitchen wall. P.S Just noticed the date on this 1992!

Thanks Vic for the fun memes.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Lucky escape

The grand-dog came around for dinner last night with his parents. My son caught him with one of my Easter rabbits in his mouth. He loves toys!

Just when I have been extra enthusiastic and started doing a few things for Easter. Two of the rabbits are ones I made a few years ago and luckily it was one of those that Clay had found in my sewing basket.

Love this new fabric I found with little bunnies jumping all over it. Needless to say the basket was immediately moved to a high place. Can't really blame a foxhound though can you! Although I thought he was supposed to hunt foxes not rabbits LOL

Saturday I went south to Petcheys Bay to pick blueberries. While I hasten to say that I DO NOT want this as a full time job, I had a lovely day with my friend. We wandered through some shops at Huonville first then went for lunch at The Red Velvet Lounge at Cygnet before ringing the blueberry lady just to make sure the berries were ready to picked. Michelle is lovely and so friendly.
She delivers blueberries to my son's work normally but offered a cut rate for anyone who wanted to pick their own. The bushes were loaded (I know, where was the camera!). The photo is of the beach at Poverty Point just a few hundred metres from the blueberry farm. Sadly the farm is on the market so I wish them luck but hope that the new owner will continue to supply us with superb blueberries.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

MPAY: Outside

Memories, memories, memories - my walk around the garden was a walk down memory lane!

First of all a Christmas present for me from my eldest brother and sister-in-law

Then some pottery bells I bought from Mark Knight's sale - how lucky am I that he lives just down the road - and yes the bird house above is also a Mark Knight original.

 Then this gorgeous echidna that my daughter bought me for my birthday years ago! How cute is he.

This little frog was imported by me with great difficulty from a visit to my best daughter in NSW! I also bought a hen for my friend, in my hand luggage back on the plane!!! The silly things we do.

 These beautiful guys came from Salamanca Market

A big bowl of shells and thunder eggs collected by my son and daughter on various holidays around Australia

My dear mother bought these guys back from a holiday with my aunt, they both used to bring me a present back from every holiday - how lucky was I!!! I love the way the lily has grown up through the arms of one of the angels, not contrived I assure you!

 This lazy imp was given to me by a dear friend as a joke, she didn't think I would put it in the garden but here he is still sleeping his life away after many years hiding in the garden.

A lovely gumnut baby bought for me after another sister (my mother and aunt) holiday by my aunt, totally spoilt and I do miss them!

 My very kind youngest brother and sister-in-law bought me these 'just because', isn't it just so lovely to get a present for nothing. I am so lucky..

Couldn't resist this - one of my newest THORNLESS roses, waiting there so patiently for me to notice all the blooms

Now this is something I am proud of - can you believe this so-tidy-garden-shed!

Oh how well I remember the brats climbing this old cubby/tree house while mother waited with heart in mouth for them to fall. Oh no the proper steps weren't good enough they had to hang this old pool stepladder from the very top - run jump, grab hold, and climb!

 This was my mother's - she was from England so how fitting to have a 'bobby' pot!

AND of course my favourite spot on the veranda with a beautiful glass given to my by my middle brother and sister-in-law - isn't it good to have so many generous relatives. Anyone want to join me?

Visit Vic over at Punky and me to see all the other 'Outside' links. Thanks Vic for all the memories.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

One more bag

Spent some time on Sunday sewing with my good friend Marie and we each did a little bag.
 These bags are so cute and quick to make although a bit fiddly in places. I made this one for a birthday on Saturday - luckily their computer is out of action at the moment so my sister-in-law won't see this early! So shhhhh!

Sunday, February 05, 2012

MPAY - Green

Vic over at Punky & me has started up her little meme game again. I have been meaning to do this all week!

First of all is my favourite glass and mineral water bottle. The glass is one given to me by my aunt, she married my uncle before the 2nd World War - he didn't return but she remained faithful all her life and stayed in Tassie with his family.

The glass is very beautifully etched with a green stem.

Next are the chairs that I inherited from my mother, they were purchased in the same year I was born so are VERY old.... and as you can see in need of repair, this is the original 1949 fabric (lol hidden the year).

 So normally they are covered up with a variety of rugs and quilts. I have put a couple of green cushions on them too.

 One of the chairs has this cushion that I made a very long time ago.

Once upon a time I thought blue was my favourite colour but when I started making quilts I kept being drawn to the green fabrics. This is my very first quilt, sashing now very faded and the material has torn in a couple of places, this quilt also sits on one of my mother's chairs... 

 Here is a very small part of my green 'stash'!

 Every where I go I seem to collect green, I bought this lovely mirror in China on my first trip.

Then this lovely girl on my second trip - you would have thought I would know better but was conned into visiting the gallery where these were, while wandering around Tiananmen Square.

I was really quite amazed when I started wandering around my place looking for green!
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