Thursday, February 09, 2012

MPAY: Outside

Memories, memories, memories - my walk around the garden was a walk down memory lane!

First of all a Christmas present for me from my eldest brother and sister-in-law

Then some pottery bells I bought from Mark Knight's sale - how lucky am I that he lives just down the road - and yes the bird house above is also a Mark Knight original.

 Then this gorgeous echidna that my daughter bought me for my birthday years ago! How cute is he.

This little frog was imported by me with great difficulty from a visit to my best daughter in NSW! I also bought a hen for my friend, in my hand luggage back on the plane!!! The silly things we do.

 These beautiful guys came from Salamanca Market

A big bowl of shells and thunder eggs collected by my son and daughter on various holidays around Australia

My dear mother bought these guys back from a holiday with my aunt, they both used to bring me a present back from every holiday - how lucky was I!!! I love the way the lily has grown up through the arms of one of the angels, not contrived I assure you!

 This lazy imp was given to me by a dear friend as a joke, she didn't think I would put it in the garden but here he is still sleeping his life away after many years hiding in the garden.

A lovely gumnut baby bought for me after another sister (my mother and aunt) holiday by my aunt, totally spoilt and I do miss them!

 My very kind youngest brother and sister-in-law bought me these 'just because', isn't it just so lovely to get a present for nothing. I am so lucky..

Couldn't resist this - one of my newest THORNLESS roses, waiting there so patiently for me to notice all the blooms

Now this is something I am proud of - can you believe this so-tidy-garden-shed!

Oh how well I remember the brats climbing this old cubby/tree house while mother waited with heart in mouth for them to fall. Oh no the proper steps weren't good enough they had to hang this old pool stepladder from the very top - run jump, grab hold, and climb!

 This was my mother's - she was from England so how fitting to have a 'bobby' pot!

AND of course my favourite spot on the veranda with a beautiful glass given to my by my middle brother and sister-in-law - isn't it good to have so many generous relatives. Anyone want to join me?

Visit Vic over at Punky and me to see all the other 'Outside' links. Thanks Vic for all the memories.


  1. You have some lovely pieces in your garden and the memories make them very special! Can you come clean my shed so it looks like yours please?

  2. What a lot of cute little things you have hiding around your garden!

  3. Aw, echidnas are my favourite native animal, they are so cute & I love yours!


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