Monday, April 08, 2013

Where do I start

So much has been happening, just where do I start.
Exciting day today as my very draughty back door has been replaced by a double-glazed door.  Unfortunately I couldn't retain the sliding doors but I now have parliament hinges so the doors open right out.  Still work to do as unfortunately there was a floor board missing underneath, one thing leads to another, leads to another *sigh*.
From the inside, looking out.....
From the outside looking in with one door right open.
Now in all this time, I haven't been entirely slothful even though I have been managing to do lots of lunching in the Hunter Valley with my daughter.

Oh it really is a hard life!
BUT I have managed to get on with some sewing.

Helen's project is nearly finished with the hexies now sewn on!!!
This is the second project from the Lynette and Helen sew-in a few weeks ago. Nearly there, sorry the photos are a bit awful but I was being lazy.
And just how cute is this gorgeous elephant, a Bunny Hill pattern. This was such a quick and easy pattern to make up and the perfect gift to wing it's way to Queensland to welcome little Miss M into our world.
Did you really need to see this, probably not but covering my lttle op I had today. Not huge but a bit uncomfortable. I know I am a sook!
The last photo is just because, a beautiful David Austin rose from my garden.
Hope your week has been busy and everyone had a lovely Easter break.  
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