Monday, April 08, 2013

Where do I start

So much has been happening, just where do I start.
Exciting day today as my very draughty back door has been replaced by a double-glazed door.  Unfortunately I couldn't retain the sliding doors but I now have parliament hinges so the doors open right out.  Still work to do as unfortunately there was a floor board missing underneath, one thing leads to another, leads to another *sigh*.
From the inside, looking out.....
From the outside looking in with one door right open.
Now in all this time, I haven't been entirely slothful even though I have been managing to do lots of lunching in the Hunter Valley with my daughter.

Oh it really is a hard life!
BUT I have managed to get on with some sewing.

Helen's project is nearly finished with the hexies now sewn on!!!
This is the second project from the Lynette and Helen sew-in a few weeks ago. Nearly there, sorry the photos are a bit awful but I was being lazy.
And just how cute is this gorgeous elephant, a Bunny Hill pattern. This was such a quick and easy pattern to make up and the perfect gift to wing it's way to Queensland to welcome little Miss M into our world.
Did you really need to see this, probably not but covering my lttle op I had today. Not huge but a bit uncomfortable. I know I am a sook!
The last photo is just because, a beautiful David Austin rose from my garden.
Hope your week has been busy and everyone had a lovely Easter break.  


  1. the doors look great, will be good for summer entertaining outdoors. Your projects are looking beautiful and that little elephant is gorgeous!
    wishing you a speedy recovery, in the meantime enjoy your slothfulness.

  2. Great Helen and Lynette projects! I'm glad you enjoyed your time away, there should be much more of that kind of thing! Hope your sore bit gets better soon.. X


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