Monday, October 09, 2006

Shopping and Leavers' dinner

Nicole and I started the day very virtuously by going to the gym. I managed 30minutes on the walker and then lifted some weights.

Camille wanted to go to Newcastle today to have a look for a dress for her end of year formal. We first went to Paul's warehouse to see if we could get replacement parts for Dylan's weight bench (I know it's really Nicole's) and a stroll through Spotlight to see if we could find some material.

Then off to the Junction to look at $500 dresses, hmmmm a bit expensive I think. Dylan was very good considering he was dragged around all the boring dress shops :) We didn't find anything so that will have to be another day. We went off to Charlestown but the most hilarious was us trying to find our way, guided by Nicole on mobile who had the nerve to tell me there was more than one exit from Charlestown shopping centre. How dare she.

We did make it back.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Flight to Newcastle!

Bit of an early morning today as the plane left at 8am. Jenny and Richard ran me out and only an hour and half flight to Newcastle. Nabs was waiting for me when I got off the plane and did she look fabulous. It was so good to see her looking so good after being sick for so long.

We toddled off to Broke after an interesting trip from the terminal to the car. We had to walk so far, trying to roll my suitcase over a recently surfaced carpark that had pebbles everywhere that kept getting stuck in the wheels and making it impossible to keep wheeling it. Good trip through to Broke, everyone looked great. The big news is that the house is finally to be started on the Monday we go to the Blue Mountains. Oh well we will be able to see progress when we get back.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Megan came over and we all got dressed to the nines to go and inspect Methodist Ladies College to see if it was suitable for out gorgeous baby. We were very impressed by the facilities. Jenny and Megan did the grand tour while I looked after I.

Family relaxing in the courtyard

Who is the proud grandfather!

Richard had stayed home to get all his photos from the night before online. Very busy day for him. Paul arrived and we all had takeaway Thai for tea. A lovely family day, and off to Newcastle tomorrow.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Off on 3 weeks holidays today. I flew to Melbourne this afternoon (after racing into town to have my nails done, what indulgence!). Mike took me down to the airport as he had the day off, good boy to his old Mum.

Jenny and Richard picked me up from the airport. It was great to see them again, only a month since I was in Melbourne but I always enjoy catching up. Jen and I went into town to have a look at a floral display at Crown Casino, I was so disappointed that I didn't take my camera. The display was spectacular. We had a chat to the guy who created the display about some strange but beautiful flowers we couldn't identify. They were beehive ginger and he told us they were great infused in the bath for arthritus.

Richard went off to photograph the Monash Uni Medical students' ball. Jen prepared a fantastic salad for tea. Recipe as follows:
beans (cooked)
red onion, sliced
olives, pitted
grape tomatos
French dressing as required.
It was very yummy as well as the obligatory brandy...
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