Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Online shopping...

How could I resist!

Thanks Sarah, arrived safely today, stuffed into my letter box even though you had a "do not leave" sticker on it

Monday, September 26, 2011

I can't believe it!

I walked up the yard this morning and there was frost on the top lawn, no where else, just there.
Newly mown yesterday and now icing on the top!

Here are a few photos of my work yesterday, no befores but believe me it was covered with weeds....
One day and the birds have covered the first few stepping stones with mulch *sigh*

Through the gate and what a difference, this path was completely green yesterday morning.

Flowers on the pittosporum

They are covered in flowers, planted about 5-6 years ago and I have never seen flowers on them before, they are now higher than the house, time for pruning.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two firsts

After a hard day in the garden (no didn't take any photos but wish I had as I filled 8 bins with weeds!!) I needed something relaxing to do tonight.

I found a little project I bought from Sarah a few weeks ago. First time I have used Cosmo thread and the first time I have embarked on a stitching that is going to be all the same colour thread. It is Christmas Treasures Wreath from Rosalie Quinlan. Still making my mind up about the thread but it seems to pull through nicely but does fluff a bit.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Whoo hoo

He loves it.

Took a while but finally Clay decided the bed I bought him is great!

Wish me luck; I am baby sitting tomorrow night LOL

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gardens and other things

My very good friend Marie came over yesterday and after I had put all my garden tools away (I spent the morning digging out weeds) we went off to look at the beautiful Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. The first thing that greeted us was the sound of the pipes.

Not sure why they were playing in the gardens but they had attracted a large crowd.

Walkng through the top gate we were greeted by a huge bed of tulips

Shady Lady Red - this is a Telopea (Waratah) hybrid

The azaleas were in full flower

These little babies were swimming as fast as they could - it took me a while to get a photo of them

Proud mother duck

Rhododendrons and camelias

There was a whole bed of these cyclamen they looked fantastic



Looking up through the branches of a huge Cork Oak.

Then into the conservatory where there were magnificent orchids and hippeastrums!

My dad grew ones like this but I have never had success.

Next stop was the State Cinema to see Red Dog. It was so funny and sad, what a marvellous dog.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How lucky am I?

I had a lovely lunch with my friend Sue today at Venus. Sue has just returned from a lovely week in Canberra, staying at Yarralumba - no not at Government House but at a B&B just 4 doors down from Kevin Rudd's Canberra residence. Sue is so thoughtful, she bought me these lovely fabrics from Bungendore Country Patchwork store. They tone perfectly with some other material I have bought recently. Now what will I make!
How beautiful are these! Lovely Christmassy colours, just right. Thanks Brian for letting Sue in a boring shop for long enough to buy me these lol.
Here is a little job I did on Tuesday. All ready to quilt now....next week....next year. I want to do it by hand so will probably take a while.
Pins all place

Isn't she cute?

No dinners here until I get this on the go!! The dining table is busy!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today was a return to winter! I woke this morning to find snow on the mountain. Yesterday I started to get rid of all the winter weeds and dig out some old roses in order to plant some new ones I have bought and intended to spend all today in the garden but the weather had different ideas and after only 15mins the rain came down and I was rather wet!

Luckily I had heaps of other things to do; talking to my daughter for ages (what a luxury) and finally finishing the embroidery on my needle case, a pattern I got from the Quilted Crow gathering earlier this year, oh and of course just sitting and reading my book!
Just need to add a few pockets and sew it together and all done!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Happy Days

More touristing (is this a word??) yesterday with a visit to MONA. What can I say, it was totally fascinating. We spent about 4 hours wandering looking at all the exhibits and could have stayed longer. Would love to put up some MONA photos but unfortunately not allowed.

Today was lazy, catching up with family and then the visit was over, but what happy days we had.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Father's Day

Jen and I took Richard out for breakfast at Jam Packed and it certainly was but we were lucky to get a table!
Still quite a few people there on our way home - and this was after our walk around the docks.

The old Henry Jones IXL Jam factory.

Rob Pennicott's boats had arrived the day before on their epic trip around Australia. So small for such a journey! Well worth donating at http://follow.theyellowboatroad.com/
We had a great meal and lovely wander, lots to see and do. But in the afternoon I managed to get to K&D to buy a crow bar, wonder what I am going to do with that??

Lazy Saturday

Jenny and Richard are visiting from Melbourne and After a very slow start, we headed off to explore New Norfolk. I saw a sign for Patchwork Cafe so of course had to investigate. We ended up at the Willow Court complex and had a wander through the Antique centre before heading off to the patchwork cafe for a look and coffee.
Like this but at $650 it is staying there

Quite a few bits of stained glass - very nice

My brother discovered the cars!

Frontage of the Antique Centre - so many rooms!

Then down to the Derwent River

The water was lapping the banks - very much to the ducks liking

Fun on water skis

Took this photo for my son-in-law, Clint they are even in Tassie!

Feeding the ducks

Sunny faces on the water edge

This house is so close to the water edge, hope the river won't rise any further

Finished off the day with a lovely evening with friends Marie and Dave. Thnks for a delish dinner!

Off to breakfast now so will add more later!
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