Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moving Online

The Quilted Crow had the last day of trading at the Old Church in New Town today. A group of friends from Launceston came down and I met them at the Church for a bit of a celebration/wake and retail therapy.
It is sad to say goodbye to the building, it is such a lovely venue and has seen a few Gatherings. Wouldn't it be superb converted into a home!

One of the beautiful stained glass windows

Some of the fabrics on sale

The Launceston crew- Deb, Katharine, Cathy and Meredith with Sue Daly and Leonie Bateman in the middle

Deb, Katharine, Sue, Leonie, me and Meredith - that is definitely apple juice in my glass!
Leonie - not looking sad at all!

I may or may not have bought a couple of things!

The sign says it all.

All the best to Leonie in her new ventures, lots of good times ahead for her. So excited and we can still visit online.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dumpling Pouch

Sarah inspired me to make this dumpling pouch after I read her blog yesterday. I needed a couple of emails from her before I decided to risk the zip. The pattern is free from Michelle Patterns.

I chose the material out of my stash as I am determined to empty all my cupboards!

I even had a zip that I bought from the local charity shop for 20c

These zips are amazing they are fully enclosed with card and plastic and have all sorts of information on the packaging, obviously from some crafter's stash. It even has a guarantee.

I followed the instructions and cut everything out, then came the zip. I decided to use my binding clips to hold it all together rather than baste.

I got it all finished only to realise that I had put the zip on upside down so the lining suddenly became the outside!!!!

And my lovely colourful fabric was inside!!

I couldn't let this happen so one hour later the little Dumpling Pouch had multiplied and I had two.

I even remembered to put my tag in this one.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bags, bags and more bags

I do like making bags, great to use up some of the fabrics in my cupboards, drawers, high places, low places...................

I made these two last year and they are now swanning around in Melbourne somewhere with my sister-in-law and niece.

The next few were made last year but I didn't blog them *shame*

Quite small but I love it.

Used for Christmas lucky dip, love the snowman button

I use this a lot, nice big size to take a lot of junk in, good for sewing days

Another one I like to use, quite tall (pattern is Teacher's Pet, fabric Indigo Crossing by Minick and Simpson)
Two recent makes, not sure where they are off to yet. Love the first one but the other was a pain to make #neveragain

 I made this one for my daughter for her birthday, good one for taking bits and pieces in when travelling. Good as it zips up safely. The colour isn't quite right, the fabic is Lynette Anderson's Follow my Heart. So cute.

My latest make, Gail Pan's Blue butterfly bag made with Snowbird by Laundry Basket Quilts with stitcheries and hand quilting.

Couldn't resist adding this photo of an early morning visitors today, sat there for ages eating catkins off the silver birch.

Green rosella - Playcerus caledonicus

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Babies and Birthdays

Two good friends had birthdays this month so I got busy and made some gifts. They both are crafters, one a knitter and the other a quilter.

The knitting needle roll and ditty bag are free patterns from Martingale - Knitter's Trio by Karen Costello Soltya

Knitting needle roll

Individual pockets for the knitting needles - not a good colour here but wanted to show the needles in situ

Matching ditty bag (I had no idea what a ditty bag was but an English friend assured me it is a bag to store bits and pieces)
 The sewing bag is also from a free tutorial by Melissa Le Ray - Zipped Sewing Travel Case. This was such an easy pattern to make and the instructions were the best, I need to make one for myself now!

Inside, places for your threads and a plastic zipped pocket.

More pockets for odds and ends

The squares are Glamping designed by MaryJane Butters of MaryJane’s Farm for Moda

Then there were babies to welcome!

My great-great nephew Jason received this quilt. Kissing Fish by Lee Heinrich 

Receiving blanket from a tutorial by Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Company

So easy to make!

Bib is from a free pattern by Rachel Measham-Pywell for Sew Mama Sew.

So easy to make I had to do more!

Quilt made for a friend's grandson, William. I adapted this from a free pattern Rooftops by Amy Sinibaldi of Nana Company. Love the pirates!

This is basket is so handy! It is a free tutorial from Kelby Sews (Hearts and Bees) I filled this with nappies with matching pooh bear on them! Very handy basket for anything really.

Friday, June 19, 2015


I haven't done this for a while so thought I would sign up with Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs for the FNSI. I had 3 quilts I needed to finish off with binding.

I started early by cutting out the binding for all the quilts.

Kaffe Fasset Aboriginal dots for the binding of my Kaffe Fasset quilt

All the binding cut and ready to go, then I needed to choose which quilt to start on.

3 quilts, Thimble blossoms' Spools, Emily Ann's Kloset's Candy Hearts and Kaffe Fasset's Flower Garden Quilt

About time to stop and offer my quilty friends some nibbles and a wee drop

There really is something in the bowl, just not much left!

OK get on with it, get some of the binding on so I can sit and relax.

Spools is the chosen one

Am I procrastinating....need a coffee!

Now with the great part, I love binding ......

Oops is this a bit rude, watching TV when quilting with friends but I can't miss Miss Fisher!

Thanks for organising a great night, I'm off to bed now so hop over and see what everyone else has been doing!

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