Friday, June 19, 2015


I haven't done this for a while so thought I would sign up with Wendy over at Sugarlane Designs for the FNSI. I had 3 quilts I needed to finish off with binding.

I started early by cutting out the binding for all the quilts.

Kaffe Fasset Aboriginal dots for the binding of my Kaffe Fasset quilt

All the binding cut and ready to go, then I needed to choose which quilt to start on.

3 quilts, Thimble blossoms' Spools, Emily Ann's Kloset's Candy Hearts and Kaffe Fasset's Flower Garden Quilt

About time to stop and offer my quilty friends some nibbles and a wee drop

There really is something in the bowl, just not much left!

OK get on with it, get some of the binding on so I can sit and relax.

Spools is the chosen one

Am I procrastinating....need a coffee!

Now with the great part, I love binding ......

Oops is this a bit rude, watching TV when quilting with friends but I can't miss Miss Fisher!

Thanks for organising a great night, I'm off to bed now so hop over and see what everyone else has been doing!


  1. looks like a wonderful night spent crafting!
    the three quilts are lovely, with the binding all prepared they won't be long in the unfinished pile.

  2. What a fun post - hope you got a lot of binding done watching TV.

  3. Call me crazy.....but my favourite part of quilting is when it comes to sewing the binding down by hand...I would offer to do everyone's if I had the time! I think you had alot of fun at FNSI!

  4. It looks like a wonderful sew night. I always looks TV when I sewing the binding by hand
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Cute post! Spools is a lovely quilt. Hope you were able to get a lot done. I always end up watching to much TV while sewing. lol


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