Friday, June 19, 2015


Christina Henri is the artist in residence at the Cascades Female Factory in Hobart. She has inspired people all around the world to make a bonnet for each convict woman transported to Australia. A friend gave me a pattern and a bio about a convict woman Ann Brook who was transported to Australia in 1841 on the Navarino. On Mother's Day this year there was a gathering of bonnets on the Hobart docks.

The bonnet I made showing Ann's name.

The other side with the name of the ship Ann was transported on.

Sue and Brian

Showing our bonnets - unfortunately the bonnet Sue made had been handed in quite a while ago so she had a very ordinary loan bonnet. Hers was unbelievable!

Lord Mayor of Hobart opening the 'live' art

A drone used to capture images of the 'installation'

Some of the crowd although not as many as they hoped. Too many other events on in Hobart on this day.

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  1. so great! I made one for my neighbour to donate to the project when they had a ceremony in Melbourne a few years ago.
    It was quite moving.


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