Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dumpling Pouch

Sarah inspired me to make this dumpling pouch after I read her blog yesterday. I needed a couple of emails from her before I decided to risk the zip. The pattern is free from Michelle Patterns.

I chose the material out of my stash as I am determined to empty all my cupboards!

I even had a zip that I bought from the local charity shop for 20c

These zips are amazing they are fully enclosed with card and plastic and have all sorts of information on the packaging, obviously from some crafter's stash. It even has a guarantee.

I followed the instructions and cut everything out, then came the zip. I decided to use my binding clips to hold it all together rather than baste.

I got it all finished only to realise that I had put the zip on upside down so the lining suddenly became the outside!!!!

And my lovely colourful fabric was inside!!

I couldn't let this happen so one hour later the little Dumpling Pouch had multiplied and I had two.

I even remembered to put my tag in this one.


  1. love all your bags from your previous posts, and your little dumpling pouch looks gorgeous.
    both fabrics look great.

  2. Lovely little pouches!


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