Monday, April 07, 2008


A big sewing day yesterday. My quilt, inspired by my trip to China last year is now tacked together ready for quilting. I attended a class last year at American Patchwork, 91 Patrick Street, Hobart after seeing it advertised and thought it would be a great reminder of my China trip. I don't get much time to do sewing, too many things to do but it is slowly getting done. I wouldn't have got it to this stage without the help of my very good friend who spent at least 4 hours tacking, yesterday. Lucky she is right handed and I am left handed so we could start in the middle and go out to the opposite ends. It would have been a huge job by myself! Now I have to get the machine out and start quilting......

Friday, April 04, 2008

Hurricane Force winds

It was a bit windy last Wednesday night! When I opened the curtains I got a bit of a shock to see the solar dome over the old pool absolutely ruined. Thought the frame was OK if a bit bent but one piece has a big rip in it so I guess will have to be replaced. The local paper has some great photos.,22927,5030740-5015646,00.html

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