Monday, February 27, 2006

Arthur River

Azure kingfisher  Alcedo azurea
Tasmania is such a beautiful place; this weekend we travelled up to Arthur River via the North West coast. We consisted of Marie, Jill and me. Marie and Jill had planned this for four years, I am glad they didn't get there before and that they included me in the trip.

Do what ever you can but get yourself to the Arthur River and take a cruise with Rob. This was very special, he knows the river and the local inhabitants so well. Just look at the magnificent birds we saw while cruising up the river. The opportunities to take photos were endless; kingfisher, sea eagle, wedge tail eagles, and a variety of ducks. I did miss the platypus we saw playng in the river; he was just too quick for me. White-Breasted Sea Eagle, Haliaeetus leucogaster

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Welcome back

Well it is now 2006! I am going to start writing here again. The most exciting thing that has happened is that the new computer area is in. It isn't quite finished yet, I think I will have to give Mat a ring about that...moral is never pay until it is finished.

I haven't taken a photo yet but Mike took some of the 'empty' space. Must get on to designing the TV area now.

I have spread 10m of woodchips around and I am very happy with the garden at the moment, I have hardly done any watering all summer and the garden has survived.
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