Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Don't you just love roses!

I spent the weekend


and couldn't resist picking these lovely


for my vase, to


all week.

Catching up

Friday night was my first



Each Christmas a group of us get together whenever Vicki comes down for her final visit her southern online students.

We have worked
together for about 10 years.

This year Sue, Pat (no blogs) Vicki and I decided we would go to Hatchers Manor

An interesting place,
the food was good (I enjoyed it anyway)
the company superb
and we had a great night.

With lots of PRESENTS!

Luckily Vicki left her camera in my


so all these are her pics....

except for this one I snapped at


giving time

Vicki checking all her gifts

Monday, November 28, 2011


You may have noticed I haven't been on the blog much lately. Soooo exciting I have been playing with my new toys.

No I haven't been a star (or is that Tinkerbell's little trail?)

 No I haven't been stitching

No I haven't been to Egypt!

(love the ears!)

I have been playing with my new ASUS Transformer. I love it! These are all photos I took with it and then used some of the free apps from the Android market to have fun.

I did say toys and this is the other one that has been occupying my time, not as enjoyable I have to say (especially putting it together) but definitely a necessity,


Researched while I was away (with advice from my daughter) so I could just go in and say

'THAT one, please'

Now trying to do at least 15mins each morning and night. I can now do it without
completely passing out,
lowered my heart rate
but not quite to the stage of

my time!

It has a very


PS Happy Birthday for the 25th Mikey.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy (birth)days

My holiday was brief but so enjoyable. Part of the reason for going was that it was Nicole's birthday last Saturday.
We started the morning with a walk around the olive grove with the dogs.
 Then it was present time, I had put together a little goodie bag.
Unpacked :)
Here is the bag I made, there were a few hints through the blog but this is the first time to show it all! It is from Anni Downs
The World as it Should Be book. So cute and you can make it as a cushion as well. You may notice I quite like her designs especially the pin cushions!!! Notice the dog poking out the top of a previous photo.

Out for a bit of spoiling

Checked on the cygnets on the dam with Mum and Dad standing guard.
Out of dinner with the rest of the family, what a fantastic day...and night, wonderful moon.

I am afraid not much sewing was done!!!

But at least a start

Now back to earth with a thud and four days at work, life wasn't meant to be lazy...(to mis-quote an Australian ex-prime minister)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A tale of two gardens

Before I left home for my little holiday (why does it seem so long ago!) I wandered around my garden and took a few photos.

Before I left Broke to come home I wandered around Nicole and Clint's garden and took a few photos.

 High water a lovely iris
  my climbing rose, masses of flowers (and weeds)
 Just Joey
 Think these are a type of gladioli but don't quote me.
 Very prickly cactus but what a beautiful flower
 My orchid - doing very well again this year!
 Nicole's herb garden near the kitchen window.
Part of the walled garden
 More walled garden with fruit trees.
 Outside the wall, just lovely, 

oh to have so much land

what am I talking about, I can't look after my little

quarter acre!

 Even more trees planted out!
 Beautiful shadow from the palm tree
 Front of house garden, fairly new so plants just getting established.

one day

will be




Lavender around the pool.

Back tomorrow to finish off my holiday photos.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ladies who lunch

I needed to have a great title for today's post.

Morpeth *sigh*

You know how in the Australian country it takes for ages to go anywhere and I was so looking forward to our trip to Morpeth. Always lots of little shops to look at and of course the

But no longer, very disappointed and the
had disappeared. I found it afterwards in East Maitland but the charm had gone, instead of an open, light filled shop in a heritage building it is now pokey and dark *sigh again*.

The day started with a lovely walk along country roads down to the "the brook" (Wollombi Brook) with the dogs.

The water is great!
  Come on, come in with me
Oh no, this is so cold on my little tootsies.....

The brook is quite overgrown and deep now very different from a few years back

Then a lovely walk back through the Olive Grove

Morning coffee at Majors Lane restaurant

 These little birds in the garden were cute, one is in the nest!

 Then off to *sigh* Morpeth where lunch was the only highlight. We chose
and weren't disappointed.

Pink lemonade!!
 Bruschetta for lunch


Lovely view from
the balcony

Delish coffee

BUT no little Morpeth shops that were

interesting to poke around in

and NO

patchwork shop!!!

Then back home for a swim

Can we come in?

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