Tuesday, November 01, 2011

MPAY - where I sleep

First post for November! Vic from Punky and Me has set a challenge this week so I have responded by sharing a series of photos of where I sleep.

A couple of pals to keep me company! Gumnut the bear was a present from my daughter who very rarely picks up a needle so I was so privileged to receive this gorgeous boy that is all hand sewn by her especially for me! The doll was one of my creations that didn't find a home so rather than let her feel rejected she keeps Gumnut company.

Treasures on each bed post, a mixture of must have from overseas trips and some lovely presents

My reading light, maybe not the best but I couldn't resist

One of my quilts on the blanket box at the end of the bed.

What I am reading at the moment! Someone hide that garden catalogue before I am tempted again...

Another quilt on the end of my bed, made entirely of bits and pieces from my Christmas stash. I think I have enough to make several more!!

And this is Fleur, hanging on my very 50s door handle, another hand sewn present from my daughter, where did she get that talent from :)

That is my lot for now! Join in here and have a look at all the other posts as well.


  1. Oh that quilt is SO lovely! Totally adoring the elephants too. I bet you sleep well.

  2. Love both your Quilts, the Christmas fabric looks so warm and inviting!

  3. I love you treasures on the posts, a great place to keep them! How's the new Grisham?

  4. Thanks Kellie. Not a great fan of the new book, a bit like a teens read.

  5. Thanks Melissa, it is my haven I have to admit.

  6. Oh Jackie exactly what I think about the quilt, I made it to use up all my impulse buys (free pattern from Spotlight!) and I love it.

  7. Yes Sally, elephants are so cute, I had some at my window but they faded in no time so these are kept safe on the bed.

  8. I like your reading light - why do you say "probably not the best"? It's cute! And I can't believe that bear is made by someone who rarely picks up a needle & thread!!

    Thanks for playing along this week.

  9. Yes very cute, but the light is poor. The bear is just great, I don't know how she does it but I am very envious of the beautiful nose she did, mine are always crooked and scrappy.

  10. Your daughter is very talented, that bear is gorgeous.

  11. She keeps telling me that Michelle! I have just arrived at her place for a visit. Don't see her all that often as we live 2000 km apart so I am in for a good week!


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