Monday, November 28, 2011


You may have noticed I haven't been on the blog much lately. Soooo exciting I have been playing with my new toys.

No I haven't been a star (or is that Tinkerbell's little trail?)

 No I haven't been stitching

No I haven't been to Egypt!

(love the ears!)

I have been playing with my new ASUS Transformer. I love it! These are all photos I took with it and then used some of the free apps from the Android market to have fun.

I did say toys and this is the other one that has been occupying my time, not as enjoyable I have to say (especially putting it together) but definitely a necessity,


Researched while I was away (with advice from my daughter) so I could just go in and say

'THAT one, please'

Now trying to do at least 15mins each morning and night. I can now do it without
completely passing out,
lowered my heart rate
but not quite to the stage of

my time!

It has a very


PS Happy Birthday for the 25th Mikey.

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  1. gotta have a big seat so it is comfortable! I need one of them on my bike, would be so much more comfy than a racing seat.
    Have fun....


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