Thursday, November 17, 2011

A tale of two gardens

Before I left home for my little holiday (why does it seem so long ago!) I wandered around my garden and took a few photos.

Before I left Broke to come home I wandered around Nicole and Clint's garden and took a few photos.

 High water a lovely iris
  my climbing rose, masses of flowers (and weeds)
 Just Joey
 Think these are a type of gladioli but don't quote me.
 Very prickly cactus but what a beautiful flower
 My orchid - doing very well again this year!
 Nicole's herb garden near the kitchen window.
Part of the walled garden
 More walled garden with fruit trees.
 Outside the wall, just lovely, 

oh to have so much land

what am I talking about, I can't look after my little

quarter acre!

 Even more trees planted out!
 Beautiful shadow from the palm tree
 Front of house garden, fairly new so plants just getting established.

one day

will be




Lavender around the pool.

Back tomorrow to finish off my holiday photos.


  1. lovely photos.
    I like the shadow shot of the palm tree (including photographer)
    Looks like a beautiful place to live.

  2. it is, Marina and very peaceful, just too far away for me to see my daughter often.


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