Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ladies who lunch

I needed to have a great title for today's post.

Morpeth *sigh*

You know how in the Australian country it takes for ages to go anywhere and I was so looking forward to our trip to Morpeth. Always lots of little shops to look at and of course the

But no longer, very disappointed and the
had disappeared. I found it afterwards in East Maitland but the charm had gone, instead of an open, light filled shop in a heritage building it is now pokey and dark *sigh again*.

The day started with a lovely walk along country roads down to the "the brook" (Wollombi Brook) with the dogs.

The water is great!
  Come on, come in with me
Oh no, this is so cold on my little tootsies.....

The brook is quite overgrown and deep now very different from a few years back

Then a lovely walk back through the Olive Grove

Morning coffee at Majors Lane restaurant

 These little birds in the garden were cute, one is in the nest!

 Then off to *sigh* Morpeth where lunch was the only highlight. We chose
and weren't disappointed.

Pink lemonade!!
 Bruschetta for lunch


Lovely view from
the balcony

Delish coffee

BUT no little Morpeth shops that were

interesting to poke around in

and NO

patchwork shop!!!

Then back home for a swim

Can we come in?


  1. Talk about a good life!
    I am jealous, so would my dogs be if they could read. They would love to be within walking distance from a swimming hole.
    Sad about the patchwork shop but at least you had a lovely lunch.

  2. hmm but that innocent looking beagle stole my slipper!!!!


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