Sunday, June 30, 2013

Craft fair

On Friday I went out to the Craft Fair at the Derwent Entertainment Centre with my friend Marie.  We had a lovely time wandering around and going to a few workshops.
It was great to see a couple of my favorite suppliers there including Bebe Bold and Patchwork Mariko.
I managed to buy a few of sewing projects. Just love the shashiko stars and Christmas banner. Bought other things but they might be surprises, so better not show them just yet!
Looking forward to doing some shashiko stitching!
I bought myself a few more toys as well :-)
Excited to see this cutter so that I can make day. Love my new rulers too!
How about this little baby, used it for the first time tonight, love it!
I must take some photos of some of the things I have been doing over the last few weeks, finally got my new phone so will have to round up everything and have a photo shoot lol.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


It has been raining most of the weekend (and a tad cold!) so I thought a perfect sewing weekend until I looked into some cupboards.... Yes I spent most of yesterday and part of today creating chaos then cleaning it up.  Now have two bags of stuff to recycle and a bin full of rubbish.
I did get some stitching done. Finished two more bits for my Wish Quilt.  Don't get too excited though they are both pretty small oh but so cute. ONLY ONE MORE TO DO WHHOOOO HOOO!!! Then I can start putting it all together.
Here is my attempt to get a photo of the DARK MOFO column of light.  I can see it from my place but it is so cold and wet I only took a quick shot. The light can be seen on the cloud and just a hint of the column going up.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Another Red Brolly stitchery done for my wish quilt.  Quite pleased to get this out of the way because I didn't enjoy doing the basket at all. The bear is very cute though and I do love the scissors and other things in the basket. What do you think?
I am having a night off tonight and curling up in front of the heater with my magazine that arrived today.  Sarah popped in a little free project card that will have to go on my to do list. I do like making pin cushions and haven't made any for a while. Hmmm very nice chocolate slice in there as well......

Monday, June 10, 2013

Long weekend

We had a holiday in Tasmania today so enjoyed a 3 day weekend.  It gave me a chance to get some things done in the garden that I have been neglecting for quite some time. 
I decided to get serious about the weeds. Just imagine me running around with this on my back, I can see the weeds quaking lol.
As well as spraying I also spent quite a bit of time pulling weeds out as well. How come they keep growing through winter!!!

While out in the garden I found these flowering away so picked a few to brighten up the kitchen.

Love this daisy in my garden,  not so long ago I cut it down to the ground,  now flowering beautifully, such a sunny flower for winter.


Saturday night I went to my Greatniece's 21st birthday dinner.  We had a lovely time with family and Emily's friends, have to say it was an early night for me but the girls did the rounds of the nightclubs :)
Emily and James (+ her present from me)
My nephew Jason came over from Melbourne for his niece's birthday. here we are at the dinner table. 
I also managed to get some more done on my Wish quilt stitchery but have to admit I am up to a part that I am not enjoying. Do not like doing the basket!
So nice to have a long weekend to enjoy. Hope you had a great weekend doing all the things you like to do as well.

Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday night with friends

I didn't realise I was stitching with so many friends. I really got a lot done tonight.  Thanks to Cheryll I have had  such lovely company tonight while I have been stitching my next block for my wish quilt. 
My lovely little sewing bear with her basket full of sewing goodies. Can't wait until the next Friday night with friends, on the first Friday night of each month. Don't forget to pop over and see what everyone else has been doing tonight.
P.S just back to say I didn't realise how the basket in my stitchery is so like the one for the Friday night with friends logo!!

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Cherry Shed sewing day

Last Saturday I set off REALLY early to pick up Faye for a day at the Cherry Shed in Latrobe with all the quilting bloggers or are they blogging quilters?   Here are some of the beautiful quilts bought along for show and tell.  I am in awe of the awesome talent,  aren't these just beautiful! Don't you just love those owls?

  The friends in stitching group and material girls had been very busy making a surprise quilt for Christine.  As you can see she absolutely loved it.  What a lovely thought,  I forgot to take a photo of the label but you can see it on Sarah's blog.

There was plenty of chat, eating and a bit of sewing.  The Cherry Shed is a fantastic venue, we get the upstairs area all to ourselves, we are waited on by the lovely staff and the food was delish.  It is a long drive but Faye and I talk so much we don't notice the time pass and of course there is always the compulsory stop in Campbell Town for coffee and maybe, just maybe cake.  It was fantastic to meet up with everyone from all over the State;  Swansea, Burnie, Penguin,  Launceston and George Town .... oh and of course Hobart.

OK I confess, I also went to both Patchwork shops while I was in Latrobe and managed to buy these lovelies from Wells, Latrobe. Wonder what I am going to make with them. My secret and I'm not telling... 
Thanks Vicki for organising again, I had a great day. Be back soon to show the sewing I did on the day.
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