Sunday, August 14, 2005

oh and one last thing.....

...the people who stayed in the cottage last night.....were TOTALLY WARM! heh.

How's this for cute??

and we have 3 more just like it :-)

My Mum the Cook

Who would have thought?? C & D are totally surprised (having had the experience of nourishment from Mum for a few weeks), but she has come up with an absolute blinder of a recipe. We even taste tested it today - but I didn't have any leeks or sun dried tomatoes, so it turned into a Smoked Salmon, Fetta & Spanish Onion tart instead. Was still scrumptious and enjoyed by everyone for lunch. We had it with a salad of baby Mesculin & spinach, with a Verjus dressing (and the balsamic on top of course!).

Good one Mother :-)


Thursday, August 11, 2005

Snow in Hobart

It snowed overnight and I am unable to get up to Mt. Nelson for work today, so have been working from home. The mountain looks superb.

Monday, August 01, 2005

More Birthdays

It was Janine's birthday last week and Anna, Maggie, Sue and I went to Say Cheese for breakfast Saturday morning. The weather was beautiful when we arrived so we optimistically decided to sit outside, not so great when the sun disappeared behind the clouds. Breakfast was good but I didn't wander around Salamanca after, just didn't feel like it. Just thought hey, this is no good by myself so I went home.

Sunday was beautiful weather so I spent a bit of time in the garden. Marie and I were going to go for a walk but she wasn't feeling well. After trying to get into the doctor and not succeeding she found out today that she has shingles.
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