Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Science Week

We had a belated science week morning tea this morning and my goodness there was some interesting food. Everything had to have a science theme and imagination ran wild.
Penguins on an iceberg....my contribution to the feast.
Lab rats - if you like them don't look at the last photo!
Caterpillar - not the hungry one, that was us! The macarons were delish!
H2O - although the 2O is a bit hard to see, one is hidden behind the H
Science experiment with smarties - what a waste!!! As well the experiment failed dismally oh well, maybe too much water??
the answer is! Well as if we bothered to measure and it was gone before I could find a ruler :) (Apparently Square area = 615.8 square cm and the volume = 923.6 cubic cm)
Now here is a little test for you - literacy in Science, don't think I really want to read about the nutritional value of these lol... 
Well I did warn you, here is the dissected lab rat, see no brains at all!
  Can't imagine why I couldn't eat any lunch!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Bibs and bobs

Will have to really have a better catch up soon but am just dropping by to show a couple of items finished this week.
Tonight I made a little purse from the Moda site. Really went together quickly. 
Finished another Red Brolly stitchery from the Le Jardin quilt. Not even sure if I have shown the others on the blog but here is the latest! 
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