Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day

I had a very lazy day today for Australia Day. I put my flags up first thing as I forgot last year!

Flags flying and table ready for champagne to celebrate Australia Day

Then drove down the Channel to visit two absolutely beautiful open gardens. 

The first one was Greenslade, where Wyn and Rupert, the garden owners, have created paradise.  They came from the Northern Territory seven years ago, looking for a cooler climate.  The garden was established but had been reduced in size from the original when gardeners were employed.  Wyn told us they have reinstated the borders and they also have an orchard and vegetable garden. The herbaceous borders and the roses were just fantastic. Lovely walks down to the beach and along the creek with a small waterfall.

These photos don't do it justice. A magic spot.

Then up to Bracken Ridge, at Flowerpot. A very new garden only four years old, I feel very inadequate when I view their hard work.

Beautiful flowers, lovely spot with views out over the Channel.....sorry not a photo here of that

A scarecrow garding the compost and the echidna who thought by hiding here I couldn't see it!
So many bees! and they were huge!

Fantastic vegetable garden, so jealous!

Of course coffee and cake *yum* at Fleurties near Woodbridge rounded off a lovely morning. Then dropping my friend home what did we spy on her drive but an echidna, how Australian is that? 
top photo is a sculpure at Fleurties, so kitsch it was georgeous. the cacutus flower was also there, IT WAS HUGE!

Oh I forgot to mention the amazing scarecrows all down the highway, couldn't resist stopping to photograph the two headed Tasmanian and the buxom wench hitching to the fair (Middleton next weekend). Aren't they special!

Anyone?? I need a lift to the fair....cute, cute, cute, lift those skirts girl.
Happy Australia Day, everyone! 
P.S. Just back to say what is on the sign on the scarecrow, asked by a friend:
A Fine Thing by Rosemary Dobson
To be a scarecrow
To lean all day in a bright field
With a hat full Of bird's song
And a heart of gold straw.
With a sly wink for the farmer's
When no one sees and small
Returning after
To a guiltless pose of indolence.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Library bag

Miss Caitlin's bag all ready for posting off.  Hope she likes it although there isn't much pink on it. 

Great-nieces can be demanding lol

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is it too early?

The postman has been very kind to me lately. Here is another book left on my doorstep! So my question is "Is it too early to start sewing for Christmas? ". Never!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


One library bag finished last night, one to go.  Max is off to Kinder this year and can't wait to be going to school like his big sister.  Hope he likes his new library bag even if the fabric doesn't have dinosaurs on it.

Sunday morning quilts

Waiting on the doorstep when I arrived home from work tonight.  Started reading it already. Looking very good!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

More Cherry Shed

Some more photos from yesterday's sewing day at the Cherry Shed in Latrobe.
Some close ups of a couple of the quilts thst were bought along.
The large cherries outside are great for kids (and adults!) to play in.
And finally I did make a start on a library bag, so not ALL chit chat lol.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quilting at the Cherry Shed

Having a lovely day at the Cherry Shed with all my quilting friends. Drove up from Hobart with Faye, a coffee + stop at Campbell Town. Everyone busy with their projects and some lovely quilts on display. 
Mushrooms and salad for lunch and now we are back into it.
Christine with her lovely appliques!
Lots of ladies chatting (and receiving iPhone lessons!)
Loved this quilt that Jo's mum bought along.
Faye right into it snapping away and Vicki and Sarah having a gossip while pretending to work  lol
Lots of admirers and the quilts they were admiring! 
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