Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy (birth)days

My holiday was brief but so enjoyable. Part of the reason for going was that it was Nicole's birthday last Saturday.
We started the morning with a walk around the olive grove with the dogs.
 Then it was present time, I had put together a little goodie bag.
Unpacked :)
Here is the bag I made, there were a few hints through the blog but this is the first time to show it all! It is from Anni Downs
The World as it Should Be book. So cute and you can make it as a cushion as well. You may notice I quite like her designs especially the pin cushions!!! Notice the dog poking out the top of a previous photo.

Out for a bit of spoiling

Checked on the cygnets on the dam with Mum and Dad standing guard.
Out of dinner with the rest of the family, what a fantastic day...and night, wonderful moon.

I am afraid not much sewing was done!!!

But at least a start

Now back to earth with a thud and four days at work, life wasn't meant to be lazy...(to mis-quote an Australian ex-prime minister)


  1. Bag looks great, Lib. Nicole had to have been thrilled with that even before the other bits and pieces!

  2. what a gorgeous bag of goodies. You have to get back to it eventually.
    'Such is life'
    Happy stitching.

  3. Thanks Vicki, I really enjoyed doing it, started me off on the wool applique kick!

    Started last night again, Marina with some secret santa stuff so can't post. There should be more hours in the day!


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