Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sewing day

Marie came over today for a sewing day, have to get away from the roar of cars going around Bathurst somehow lol. I got myself organised and cut out 4 buckets for us to make, then Marie made another one while I went on with another little project.
Our buckets all lined up on the mantelpiece

My lonely two after the others left!

Just a sneak peak at another little project I started...shhhh it's a secret
The material is Maison de Garance by French General - superb, I love it.

How about this, finished, must be a speed record for me, I finished this on Friday night. The gingerbread men look like ghosts with google eyes but very happy with the rest.
Still need to mount it and no decision on this yet...
Ted is so cute!

I think this is my favourite bit

Rudolph with his little red nose.

This snowman would have been at home here today as this afternoon it hailed, very good day to sit and sew!

I cut Larry out tonight, will be sewing this during the week.


  1. Rudolph is my favourite bit - too cute!

  2. well done on your finished Christmas Wreath. I am stuck at half way. I love the teddy best so far.
    No idea what to do with it when finished either. I will be interested to see how you finish it.
    Your little buckets are lovely.

  3. I am with you on Bathurst but I had to work. Looks like you had a great day sewing I do like your bags.


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