Saturday, June 27, 2015

Moving Online

The Quilted Crow had the last day of trading at the Old Church in New Town today. A group of friends from Launceston came down and I met them at the Church for a bit of a celebration/wake and retail therapy.
It is sad to say goodbye to the building, it is such a lovely venue and has seen a few Gatherings. Wouldn't it be superb converted into a home!

One of the beautiful stained glass windows

Some of the fabrics on sale

The Launceston crew- Deb, Katharine, Cathy and Meredith with Sue Daly and Leonie Bateman in the middle

Deb, Katharine, Sue, Leonie, me and Meredith - that is definitely apple juice in my glass!
Leonie - not looking sad at all!

I may or may not have bought a couple of things!

The sign says it all.

All the best to Leonie in her new ventures, lots of good times ahead for her. So excited and we can still visit online.

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  1. so sad that the in person shop is closing down, visiting the shop was a highlight of my trip to Hobart when we visited down there. Such a stunning church.
    Hope the online shop is just as successful.


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