Monday, February 13, 2012

Lucky escape

The grand-dog came around for dinner last night with his parents. My son caught him with one of my Easter rabbits in his mouth. He loves toys!

Just when I have been extra enthusiastic and started doing a few things for Easter. Two of the rabbits are ones I made a few years ago and luckily it was one of those that Clay had found in my sewing basket.

Love this new fabric I found with little bunnies jumping all over it. Needless to say the basket was immediately moved to a high place. Can't really blame a foxhound though can you! Although I thought he was supposed to hunt foxes not rabbits LOL

Saturday I went south to Petcheys Bay to pick blueberries. While I hasten to say that I DO NOT want this as a full time job, I had a lovely day with my friend. We wandered through some shops at Huonville first then went for lunch at The Red Velvet Lounge at Cygnet before ringing the blueberry lady just to make sure the berries were ready to picked. Michelle is lovely and so friendly.
She delivers blueberries to my son's work normally but offered a cut rate for anyone who wanted to pick their own. The bushes were loaded (I know, where was the camera!). The photo is of the beach at Poverty Point just a few hundred metres from the blueberry farm. Sadly the farm is on the market so I wish them luck but hope that the new owner will continue to supply us with superb blueberries.

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