Sunday, January 08, 2012

Burnie and back

Just dropped in to share some photos of my weekend away. Set our very early from home on Friday to go to the Cherry Shed at Latrobe for a day of sewing.

 All the ladies wondering what to have for lunch. The Cherry Shed has a marvellous room upstairs for get togethers and then you just wander down when ready for lunch.

Sarah concentrating! We all took some projects to do, and I think we all worked hard!

Judy, Vicki and Kristy hard at work. Kristy came up with me in the car and it was great to have the company.

Christine, Peg and Roseanne sharing a joke but still stitching away. Christine brought her first finish for the year, which by chance is a quilt I have just bought the material for. It was good to see it all finished, pop over to her blog to have a look but don't hold your breathe to see mine :)

Christine focused on her cutting out! Not like me later in the day, not too many mistakes though!

A reward for a hard day's work.

I can recommend the ice cream at the Cherry Shed!

Then on to Burnie to spend the weekend with Vicki and Glenn.

Saturday Vicki and I wandered over to Ulverstone to go to Cranberry Crafts (lovely shop, well worth a visit!) and what should I hear but bagpipes, funny thing I keep running into them.

Then it was back to Vicki's where she cracked the whip and made me work HARD. Lucky Glenn was there to keep supplying us with coffees!

Of course the good news is that now I have a few finishes already for 2012!!

3 mobile phone covers and 1 thread bin. whooo hooo.

 One little phone cover hiding until it reaches its destination! I will put some more photos up later. I just love the buttons, scrounged from Vicki's button bags.

P.S forgot to say the iPhone/iPod cases came from Janelle Wind's new book Pieces of Me, hop over to Sarah's shop if you want a copy.

 My thread bin, so quick and easy to make

Then Vicki made this little USB purse for me, no more lost in the bottom of my handbag!

Thanks Vicki and Glenn for your hospitality, I had a great, fun time with lots of laughs.


  1. a productive start to your crafting. the phone cases look lovely.

  2. wow Lid sound like Vicki did crack the wip Your finishes are lovely. I had a great day at the cherry shed will have to do it again some time. The ice cream was so yum!

  3. You did get lots done!
    It sure was a great day.... Looking forward to next time x

  4. Was a very busy stitching weekend. Needed to do that ... not quite so productive this week, but getting there!!


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