Monday, January 16, 2012

How cute is this?

I went out for breakfast yesterday with some friends and of course once you are out you need to go shopping as well.

I found these very cute bird bud vases in Habitat and just had to snap them up. As soon as I got home I was in the garden finding some lovely minature roses (Magic Carousel) to put in them.


 Tonight is very hot in Hobart and I just didn't have the energy to stitch. So what did I do instead? Cleaned out my pantry cupboard. Here is one of the shelves, don't you just love the wallpaper I put there in the 70s!

Now everything is neatly in new containers that I also bought yesterday. I did get a bit excited when they rang up as $1 but sadly that was an error and they were $10 - but that was for 7 different sized containers, you have to be happy with that!

While I was out in the garden I noticed the cactus flowering so beautifully, I never water these, they survive on rain water but they look so pretty (and Christmassy) when they flower.

1 comment:

  1. very snazzy bud vases!
    Your pantry looks so well organised. Co-ordinating containers look lovely.


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