Sunday, September 18, 2011

Gardens and other things

My very good friend Marie came over yesterday and after I had put all my garden tools away (I spent the morning digging out weeds) we went off to look at the beautiful Tasmanian Botanical Gardens. The first thing that greeted us was the sound of the pipes.

Not sure why they were playing in the gardens but they had attracted a large crowd.

Walkng through the top gate we were greeted by a huge bed of tulips

Shady Lady Red - this is a Telopea (Waratah) hybrid

The azaleas were in full flower

These little babies were swimming as fast as they could - it took me a while to get a photo of them

Proud mother duck

Rhododendrons and camelias

There was a whole bed of these cyclamen they looked fantastic



Looking up through the branches of a huge Cork Oak.

Then into the conservatory where there were magnificent orchids and hippeastrums!

My dad grew ones like this but I have never had success.

Next stop was the State Cinema to see Red Dog. It was so funny and sad, what a marvellous dog.

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  1. But you don't like Proteas!!!!!

    I wanna see Red Dog :(


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