Thursday, June 03, 2010


Arrived in China yesterday and made my way to the hotel, N had arranged for a driver. As N was busy with work, well in another city altogether I think! I went for a walk around the block by myself and found this vegie garden in the middle of Beijing and just had to take a photo of it for my baby brother.

Today I went on a big adventure all by myself as N once again was off on work stuff (on the fast train, exciting). I took a taxi to Tiananmen Square, so different from when I was there last time. Huge TV screens erected in the Square which really spoils it IMHO.

Then for a wander around the Forbidden City. I spent quite a long time there before heading off out the Western Gate for a look around.

A bedspread in one of the display rooms

Looking back at the Forbidden City

Very early start tomorrow for our flight to Xian! The start of our adventure!

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