Tuesday, June 08, 2010


ANOTHER early start, picked up at 6:30am for our flight to Guilin. The lovely Emily was there to pick us up and off we went at a run! Reed Flute Caves (through the overseas tourist entrance of course), Seven Star Park, Elephant Trunk Hill. After a little rest and sustanance we then all went on the Two Rivers and Four Lake Night Cruise. The reflective pool at the Caves was once again a highlight but rather spoiled by the "light show". The parks were lovely and it was good to wander around looking at the plants, people and vistas.

Reed Flute Cave
Fishing at night

Sun and the Moon Pagodas
These were seen on the night cruise - we had a fantastic trip as we were on a local boat, someone started strumming (not sure what the instrument was) and every one started singing, it was great fun but......off to bed as up early again the next day!
This was a highlight that N was really looking forward to and the scenery, while a lot mistier than when I went before was fantastic. Once on board we raced upstairs to get a prime position for photos. Hawkers rowed out to the boat trying to interest us in souvenirs. We arrived in Yangshou and wandered up through the market area to catch a golf buggy to go out to a local residence where we were greeted by two little old ladies clapping to show they were happy to welcome us to their home. The house was 300 years old and twelve generations had lived there. Then drove back to Guilin where we had a massage - big mistake! N and I wandered around town for a while, had tea at a local restaurant and the back to the hotel.
Nicole and Emily at the rice terraces

This trip was an extra on our holiday. Absolutely fabulous history of 1000 years of cultivation. Emily even had lunch with us, we insisted after she bought us some ginger tea that would cure all our ailments. A big storm hit and we were absolutely soaked, we had to change at the airport for our trip to Chenghu and PANDAS!

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