Saturday, June 05, 2010


Ivan was there to meet us and off to see the Warriors, N really really wanted to see them and I was just happy to holiday with her :-) We were like VIPs because as we were in a small car we were allowed to drive right up to the enclosures.

That evening we went and had a dumpling banquet and then watched the Tang Dynasty Show. Ivan was so pleased with himself in getting us the best seats in the house!

It was a magnificent meal and a magnificent show!

N finding the way

This morning up early again! No sleep ins on this holiday. We had a long drive ahead of us as the road was being repaired and we were told it would take 4 hours instead of 1 (actually took 3!) but it was a good trip and we enjoyed it, when we had our eyes open! I am sure you aren't supposed to overtake around a bed, three abreast but Mr E was determined to do it. (Some would say that I should be used to driving like that!) Mt Huashan was fantastic, we walked and climbed and walked. Loved it, even managed to survive the chair lift.

After a good soak in the bath (no not that photo I think!) we headed off via an electric rickshaw to the market, no Chinese on our side and no English on his! Wandered around the market, then back to the hotel (again in an electric rickshaw that we think had a flat battery because we were ushered to a third one!) for a .....Moroccan dinner.

Sweets at the market

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