Saturday, October 16, 2010

Royal dresses

M and I had a big sewing day today but that's not all!

We decided to have a break after lunch and went over to the Barn at Rosny to have a look at the Bonsai display. Loved the plants they were fantastic, so beautiful but I decided I would resist as I know coming home with me would not be good for them lol.

We went over to the Masonic Hall to look at what we thought was a textile display and found a dealers' market but enjoyable any way. The display frocks were gorgeous, it is nice to know that Queen Vic was fatter than me. The good on sale were lovely too, some amazing stitching.

Bag I made for J's birthday

One of the display gowns

You can imagine someone slaving over this for days and days

What better view could you have while cutting out! Even with rain on the window.

M's dyed, printed, embroidered material - a bag coming up!

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