Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy weekend

The sunset tonight and last night looked magnificent even though the cause (ash from a volcano in Chile) has disrupted air travel to Tassie, including my poor brother and sister-in-law who now have a confirmed flight......due back today and the confirmed flight is NEXT Tuesday over a week later and only the offer of one nights accomodation.

I took these tonight but you can see last night's sunset at Mike's blog.

 Finally decided I needed to get onto the cushions for my daughter's sun lounge, they are so big and heavy to handle. The bad news is that I had nearly finished cutting them out when I realised that the pattern is directional; so the bottom is the wrong way and I have managed to just scrimp the tops out of the rest of the material after going to Spotlight to see if they had any more only to be disappointed.
Would have been fine if the right way - see zip this is really at the back :(
 I have started some wool embroidery as well, maybe a gift if it works out right, first time I have done any...

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