Saturday, January 12, 2013

Quilting at the Cherry Shed

Having a lovely day at the Cherry Shed with all my quilting friends. Drove up from Hobart with Faye, a coffee + stop at Campbell Town. Everyone busy with their projects and some lovely quilts on display. 
Mushrooms and salad for lunch and now we are back into it.
Christine with her lovely appliques!
Lots of ladies chatting (and receiving iPhone lessons!)
Loved this quilt that Jo's mum bought along.
Faye right into it snapping away and Vicki and Sarah having a gossip while pretending to work  lol
Lots of admirers and the quilts they were admiring! 


  1. looks like a great day!
    Love the quilts in the last pic, they look beautiful.

  2. Was a great day - wonderful that you and Faye could come. PS. Part of the Christmas present melted in the heat :)


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