Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I wandered around the garden after coming home from camp and everything is blooming, the plants are responding so well to a little bit of weeding - well OK they were smothered!
My wisteria is the best it has ever been!

This orchid was given to me by a good friend - 2 spikes this year!

Banksia rose clipped to the bone but still flowering

Double white Banksia rose

Clematis climbing the fence

Isopogon - Candy Cones - new this year and I love it!

I struck this one - it is growing well and looks so good

Don't know what this is - bought it at a fair a couple of years ago...
Just Joey - my first bloomer this year

Dug out, cut back but this creeper is still blooming

No there aren't any weeds here, poor miniature lavender it is all overgrown... 

Couldn't believe my rhodohypoxis were already flowering!
Must put some more camp photos up!

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