Sunday, October 16, 2011

I've got the bug

No, not a cold or the flu but I just love doing these little pincushions. This is the third one and isn't he a handsome snag....

 This is Snag the Sausage Dog by Hatched and Patched. I had as much fun doing this as the other two, hmmm wonder which one I will do next.

Not much of a chance to get outside today but I did manage to get these lovely flowers into a vase. Look closely at the window and you will see why no gardening today! Yes I did do some weeding but then spent the afternoon at my friend's cutting out for another new project. More on that later.


  1. I wanna snag!!! Too cute!

  2. lovely new pincushion!
    Your vase of flowers looks lovely. I think I have a vase like that too.

  3. I bought the vase at a local fair very cheaply with a note on the bottom "possibly whitefriars" but who knows and really I don't care, I just loved it.


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