Saturday, June 23, 2012

You have to start somewhere....

or Life's ups and downs.

I wasn't sure what the title of this post should be. This week has been a bit of the ups and downs. I returned home from holiday and had scheduled a plumber to come and look at the flooding problem in my garage. I knew it came from the toilet and imagined the whole yard dug up and $$ flashed in front of my eyes (down) then all that needed to be done was for a new valve to be put in the cistern (definitely UP).

I then checked my credit card online only to find it had been fraudulently used (down) luckily only one payment had been charged to me but I still don't know what is happening with that. I am so careful with it too, I never use it online.

Next I discovered a blood clot in my leg and now have to have an injection each day for the next fortnight.

So the title really needed to focus on the good I think...

I started sewing again last night..looked through all my unfinished 'stuff' and found some stitcheries I had traced from patterns by Lesley Boost over at Sew Happy Me

one piece had already been finished:

one piece was half done - so now finished:

 And started on the third! Only 3 more to go!

I have also washed and ironed all the fabric for a new quilt...more on that much later I guess!

No more procrastinating off for my injection *sigh*


  1. boy definitely ups and downs for you Lib!
    Hope the clot clears quickly.
    Love the fabric for your new quilt and the stitcheries were a great project to pick up.

  2. Life is such fun!!!
    Hope you are on the up now - stitcheries are very cute and you are half way there - nearly!
    Fabrics look pretty - are they new or the ones we got last year at Quilted Crow??

  3. Anonymous12:23 am

    And you've organised to come to Melbourne for a weekend . . . that's an up!

    1. that's a definite positive!


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