Saturday, July 07, 2012


I seem to have been missing in action - two weeks since I posted! I can't believe it. I have been busy though. Two weeks of constantly sitting in the doctor's surgery waiting for my have a beautiful coloured stomach but NO MORE INJECTIONS!!! The clot is still there but hopefully will slowly disappear and the danger of any more forming seems to be over.
I have been enjoying the beautiful Tasmanian winter, something I was not looking forward to after being in Europe for a month of sun (well most of the time!).

The following photo was taken early one morning before I left for work, the sun was casting a beautiful light over the snow on Mt Wellington.
 These two photos were taken at night, I walked into my darkended kitchen and was blown away by the beautiful River Derwent and the lights from the bridge. These photos just don't do it justice!

I haven't just been concentrating on work and visiting the doctor! I did manage to get along to Miss T's 5th birthday one night last week. Fairies seemed to be the theme of the day!

 And I have also been busy with my sewing - no wonder I haven't been posting! All the pieces are cut out for the quilt - what a marathon. Took me almost a whole day last weekend. Why does it look so minor in the photo!

The time sitting in the surgery hasn't been entirely wasted though....I have taken my sewing along to keep me occupied.
It is amazing how much you can get done, they have also occupied most of my nights as well. The Christmas swag just needs to be made up now, all the stitching is done. Just have to bind and join them together.

Just to keep me busy I also traced out this cute Christmas bird stitchery from Gail Pan. I have really enjoyed using the one colour, so easy to take along and mindlessly sew.

P.S. has anyone seen my thimble, it was so comfortable I must have left it on my finger and it has fallen off!!! I miss it, luckily I had another one but it isn't any where near as comfortable....

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  1. glad you are no longer going to be a pincushion! At least you used your waiting time productively. Lots of lovely stitcheries.


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