Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How lucky am I?

Just look at these beautiful fabrics! A friend arrived at the weekend with them for me as an early birthday present. Yes my birthday is quite a way off but as she will be away I get them now!
Just love the colours, now what can I make?? :)

Then yesterday I received the Spotlight catalogue in the mail along with a Scratchy and I WON! $15 to spend at Spotlight. I was in there in a flash and found these beautiful Japanese fabrics and I am sure they can team with the ones above.

And guess what - I have actually finished something.....well nearly, need buttons for inbetween each stitchery but hey if that doesn't happen no one will notice. I am very happy the way these have turned out so I am having Christmas in July at my place for a month or so then it will be time to put them up again for Christmas!


  1. well done on your finish! The banner looks super.
    Beautiful fabrics. What will they become?

  2. You must have been one of the lucky few who received a scratchy! I have only had one catalogue in the last 12 months and that was a fortnight or so ago. Nonetheless, if you buy one of the Creative magazines for $1 you get $10 off your purchase, so I did that today!
    Your banner looks just great and love the Japanese fabrics - saw them in Burnie this morning too!


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